March, 17, 2016

Humble Enough to Know: A Pattern of Revelation

Joseph Smith statue

By Brady Misustin

Since the start of my time working at the gallery, this statue has been one of my favorite pieces that we have on display. It is a small, simple statue that normally wouldn’t demand too much attention from most visitors, but to me it has spoken wonders. This statue to me demonstrates the humility of one who was called to be a prophet of God. His facial expression is solemn and reverent. His body position indicates a recognition of the insignificance of mankind compared to Deity. Even the color of the statue is deep and earthy, rather than shiny or metallic, which humbly sets an example rather than demonstrating status or demanding praise. This description embodies the essence of Joseph Smith. He was a prophet of God. He was God’s student during this dispensation. What does that mean for us?

We all are learning while on this earth, reaching to attain things that we currently cannot. Striving to obtain knowledge and live our lives to the best of our ability. Many of us already recognize that to do such a thing requires divine guidance. Joseph was an example through his life of how to receive the inspiration necessary to become the person that our Father wants us to become. Through his own study, experience, and revelation he was guided to do that which was best for himself and best for the Church.

This example has meant a lot for me personally. I am striving to become all that I can. I want to reach my own potential. This requires the humility that is demonstrated in this statue. It requires searching for answers on my own, drawing on my past experiences, and relying on the inspiration that God has promised to give us. While contemplating these things in my own life, I have felt a desire and calm sense of assurance that I can make it, that I can reach my full potential, and that He is always there to help me along the way.