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January, 5, 2011

Wherever You’re From

Are you a transfer student this year?  If you are, you’re in good company.  Many students at BYU come from other colleges near and far to complete their educations, adding variety to the campus culture with their valuable experiences and knowledge.  Each of them brings a new idea, a new skill, or just a new …

November, 22, 2010

School of the Prophets

As the newly-formed Latter-day Saints strove to learn more about themselves as new members of the church, they sought to learn more about their God. As a young prophet still learning, Joseph Smith decided it would be beneficial to invite other brethren to join him in learning about the Gospel so they could lift and …

September, 10, 2010

The Rise & Fall of Church Academies

During the late 1800s a growing number of states in the United States were demanding tax-supported public education for their children. As a result, state governments began taking over schools established in religious communities and eventually prohibited them from teaching religion. Brigham Young knew the Latter-day Saints would not be shielded from the secular storm …