October 4, 2010

Family Home Evening: BYU’s Tradition of Learning

10:37 pm | EIZ Gallery

Share a meaningful, uplifting experience with your family and friends by participating in a special Homecoming Week Family Home Evening at Education in Zion.

Step into the past with our costumed gallery educators and listen to the experiences of many great educators and students who have gone before us throughout the history of BYU. Join us to hear about the lives of Camilla E. Kimball and Alice Louise Reynolds who were students during BYU’s beginnings, and listen to George H. Brimhall relate his experience as a principle during the 1920s . Join the discussion and reflect upon your own BYU heritage of learning.

Programs begin at 7pm and go every 30 minutes until 9pm. For large groups, please make reservations by calling the gallery Information Desk at (801) 422-6519 or see our website for more details.

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