Jan. 14 & 28, Feb. 11& 25. Feb. 18, March 11 & 25, April 8

Family Home Evening

6:00, 7:00 & 8:00 | EIZ Gallery

Our themed programs begin on the hour at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 p.m . and run for 30 minutes. Contact us to make reservations!

Jan. 14 & 28: Come learn about honorable teachers from the past. Discussion of honorable teachers will include Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and teachers from the Utah pioneer era of Mormon history, such as Karl G. Maeser. As guests learn about these teachers, a short discussion will tie the teacher’s actions back to honor.

Feb. 11 & 25: Come enjoy a night at the museum where history comes alive! A Family Home Evening favorite for BYU students and faculty alike. As part of Black History Month, presentations will focus on early pioneers in Utah, including Jane Manning James, Martha Stevens, Perkins Howell and Samuel D. Chambers.

Feb. 18: Come celebrate Honor Week with us! In conjunction with Honor Week, limited edition t-shirts will be awarded to the first 25 participants.

March 11 & 25: Come celebrate March Madness by learning about church sports! This FHE program will include a trivia scavenger hunt. Questions will be based on the history of church sports. Prizes will be awarded to those who correctly answer the most questions!

April 8: Do you know where the hymns you sing came from? Come hear the story behind a few sacred songs.


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