March 23, 2009

Hidden Photo Challenge

12:00 am | EIZ Gallery

Visit Education in Zion at the gallery in the Joseph F. Smith Building and enter the Hidden Photo Challenge to win a $25 restaurant gift certificate!

Who: BYU Students, Faculty, and Staff

When: March 23 – March 27

How it works:

  1. Go to the “Education in Zion” Facebook page and look at the hidden photo for the day.
  2. Visit Education in Zion on the second floor of the JFSB and pick up an entry form at the Information Desk.
  3. Explore the exhibition and identify the object hidden in the photo.
  4. Record your answer on the entry form and leave it at the Information Desk.
  5. Go to Facebook the next day to find out the answer, if you won the $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant, and to see the new day’s challenge.
  6. Please keep in mind:
    a. Correct answers will be entered into a drawing each day.
    b. Answers must be submitted in person at the Education in Zion Information Desk.
    c. There will be a new challenge and prize each day.
  7. Remember to become an “Education in Zion” Facebook fan to be eligible to win.

Good luck!

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