September 17, 2009

New Student Orientation, Fall 2009

12:00 am | EIZ Gallery

New students commenced their first semester at BYU with inspiring thoughts on the eternal significance of learning from Education in Zion! As part of New Student Orientation, students followed their Y-Leaders to the gallery theater, where the curator, Ann Lambson, gave a brief introduction to the gallery and showed a short film explaining the purpose of Education in Zion.

After the film, groups of new students were led up the spiral staircase to listen to Lorenzo Snow, Florence Jepperson Madsen, Kitty Napela, and other period-dressed storytellers playing the parts of inspired teachers and students in our educational history. The experience ended with a group reflection about the importance of an eternal education. Many students expressed the deep and profound impact this experience has had on them as they embark upon their studies at Brigham Young University.

Education in Zion served as only an introduction to the rich legacy of learning and faith that comes to us from the past. We invite all students to come back and explore the many inspiring stories in the gallery!

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