Open through May 29, 2010


Art Exhibit at Education in Zion
Opened March 25, 2010
Lower Level of Education in Zion, gallery in the Joseph F. Smith Building

Inheritance Art Exhibit

How will we truly know the value and beauty of our inheritance without uncovering, appreciating, and passing on the stories of those individuals who have helped to create it? These works of art seek to tell the stories of those in our lives who have, through both great sacrifice and simple daily choices, passed on legacies of faith, opportunity, and education.

This art exhibit is the result of a semester-long exploration into one’s educational inheritance. BYU Professor Sunny Belliston Taylor led her art students through the introspective process of considering who in their lives has added to the inheritance of opportunity that each enjoys; who has sacrificed for one to receive an education; and who has served as a great example of determination, faith, or hard work. Follow part of the learning paths of these BYU artists, tracing an educational inheritance that recognizes that we are all connected and that our influence has no bounds.

An education in Zion is unique because it takes place in an environment of learning in which we are unwilling to leave others behind. Those we help, help others—our own posterity among them. We are drawn together; we become united, a Zion people. Fundamentally, education in the kingdom of God is different because it operates on the Zion principle of love. These stories of individuals shared in image and word exemplify a Zion education and its eternal potential and legacy.

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