Open through January 30, 2010


Art Exhibit at Education in Zion
Opened November 19, 2009
Lower Level of Education in Zion, gallery in the Joseph F. Smith Building

Clarity Art Exhibit

At the core of the Education in Zion exhibition is the fundamental belief that Jesus Christ is the source of light and truth; Christ said, “I am the light, and the life, and the truth of the world.” As these nine BYU artists reflected upon the message of Education in Zion and the feeling of this exhibition space, their thoughts turned to the concept of light. In midday, sunlight illuminates this stairwell and building much as truth shineth upon the minds of those who seek learning by study, and also by faith. When light fills a space, or a human soul, there results clarity of vision otherwise unattainable.

This art exhibit is the result of a semester-long exploration into one’s spirituality and the creative, art-making process. Sunny Belliston Taylor led her course through the complex journey of expressing ideas of faith and spirituality in visual terms. As many spiritual concepts are abstract by nature and therefore difficult to adequately express through tangible, representational terms, most artists here chose to express their faith through symbols and metaphors with the hopes of effectively communicating their ethereal message.

After weeks of research, preliminary work, critiques, and collaboration, the artists began to find glimpses of the clarity of vision for which they were searching. The experience of this project strengthened faith and challenged vision. These works of art reflect but a few outcomes of their artistic attempts to express such deep spiritual reflections.

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