Open through Summer 2023

Constructing a Soul

Opened January 7, 2019 and runs through Summer 2023

The Apostle Paul compared our human bodies to temples: “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you?” (1 Cor. 6:19). As individual human beings with bodies and spirits, we have many similarities to physical buildings. This exhibition explores four key parallels between constructing a building and constructing a human soul. It has been thoughtfully designed to help us see the importance of appropriately implementing the processes of planning, construction, rebuilding, and improvement throughout our lives.




  • Clifton Farnsworth, Construction Management, Brigham Young University, Guest Curator
  • Paul Richards, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Brigham Young University, Guest Curator
  • Heather Seferovich, Education in Zion Gallery, Brigham Young University, Coordinating Curator
  • Herman DuToit, DuToit and Associates, Development and Production Manager
  • Rick Williamson, DuToit and Associates, Designer
  • Zack Whitmore, DuToit and Associates, Fabricator and Installer
  • Nate Edwards, BYU Photo, Provo Tabernacle and Provo City Center Temple Photographer
  • Russ Taylor, associate university librarian, Lee Library, Brigham Young University
  • Curatorial Research Assistants: Devin Berghoff, Vanessa Garcia, Jamie Hendrickson, Chandler Kendall, Natalie Olsen, Jessica Reschke, Anna Smith, Landon Soelberg, Annilyn Spjut, Reggie Voyce, Anne Watson

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