Open through Summer 2013

The Healer’s Art: A Celebration of the College of Nursing

Exhibition Summary

College of Nursing Exhibit

The Healer’s Art explores the art and science of nursing by featuring stories from war fronts and humanitarian service missions—both globally and domestically. Faculty, alumni, and current students share their experiences in the nursing profession by telling their stories of service and learning.

The title, taken from the hymn “Lord, I would Follow Thee,” references Christ as the Master Healer. And the exhibition’s logo shows a younger hand holding an older hand to illustrate how individuals can give and receive comfort to one another throughout life.

Dean’s statement

We believe the art of healing reaches out to all people, wherever they might be. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate Christ’s mission and nursing together with our fellow students and community.

Beth V. Cole, Dean, College of Nursing, April 2012

Background on Nursing

In 1952, the first class entered the Brigham Young University nursing program. It has been a dynamic and productive six decades of providing nursing education. Our wonderful students have made us proud as they have “gone forth to serve” in noble and responsible positions across the world.

Gordon B. Hinckley’s statement to women at the 1985 Relief Society Conference (it applies to men as well. [It] is a great privilege and opportunity you have. This is the opportunity and the encouragement to educate your minds and hands, to refine your talents, and to so qualify yourself to work in the society in which you will live.

Planning for the 60th anniversary celebration began four years ago. The idea of a book on the College of Nursing took shape as a way of recording our history and recognizing the great effort that faculty, students, and staff have put forth to create the present environment for learning.  Initially the nursing program offered a Bachelor of Science degree, and later added an Associate Degree. However, after quite a few years, the associate degree was discontinued and the generic baccalaureate program remained. In 1975 the first nursing graduate program was started. Today the college offers a Master’s of Science degree and the program prepares family nurse practitioners.

This display has given the College of Nursing the opportunity to more richly display who we are and our history. We couldn’t display everything, so this is only a glimpse of some of the items that describe our history. We hope that you will come and view this collection of the history of the College of Nursing. Former dean, Elaine Marshall compiled the Brigham Young University, College of Nursing history Learning the Healer’s Art: Nursing Education at Brigham Young University. 


  • The Healer’s Art exhibition committee members
  • Beth Cole, dean, College of Nursing
  • Mary Williams, associate dean, College of Nursing
  • Karen Lundberg, committee chair, faculty member, College of Nursing
  • Cheryl Corbett, faculty member, College of Nursing
  • Barbara Mandleco, faculty member, College of Nursing
  • Sheri Palmer, faculty member, College of Nursing
  • Linda Mabey, faculty member, College of Nursing
  • RoseAnn Jarrett, public relations supervisor, College of Nursing
  • Laura Boone, undergraduate student, College of Nursing
  • Scott Duvall, associate university librarian, Lee Library and advisory committee chair, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Cali O’Connell, promotions and outreach department, Lee Library and advisory committee member, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Eric Howard, exhibition designer, Lee Library
  • Mike Hill, multimedia production, Lee Library
  • Heather Seferovich, coordinating curator, Education in Zion Gallery
  • Marie Bates, curatorial research assistant, Education in Zion Gallery


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