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April, 6, 2011

LDS Women and Equal Rights

I am currently taking a class where we discuss women and their place in social and political spheres. Primarily we discuss feminist theory in France but oft times we discuss Anglo-American ideals of feminism in comparison or contrast.  American women were ahead of French women in fighting for their right to vote. On July 19-20, …

November, 8, 2010

Knowledge Through Perseverance

The middle of the semester is especially difficult. All those due dates for assignments that you thought were so far away are now in your face; those few lectures that you missed ended up being really important; and the five pages of reading that you postponed has now multiplied into 500 pages. It’s at this …

October, 28, 2010

Trusting God in Education

There have been many times throughout my three years at BYU that I have felt discouraged about my major. It was during those times of not doing well on a test, not understanding the material, and never having enough time in the day to spend on my classes that always made me wonder:  Why am …