Tag: "Children"

May, 23, 2011

Learning Step by Step

A few weeks ago my nephew, who is three, called me and asked me if I would come play with him and his younger brother. I was swamped with class work and a busy schedule but decided I could spare an hour. We went on a hike up a steep hill that was slippery from …

March, 30, 2011

Pressing On

As the end of the semester is nearing, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the long “to do” lists we all have. Studying, cleaning checks, studying some more, final projects, switching apartments, getting in those last minute hours at your internship, figuring out what your summer plans are, etc. The list never ends! On …

March, 24, 2011

Sacrificing for Scriptures

Flump! I throw myself on the bed.  One midterm and two essays down. Glancing at my alarm clock, I start to calculate: 5 hours till I wake up. My nose peaks over the edge of the bed. It’s sitting there staring at me from the top of a pile of books. I’ll skip-just for tonight. …

February, 25, 2011

Why is FHE a Big Deal?

Many LDS Church members have grown up participating in Family Home Evening (FHE).  Then again, many members have not.  It is not uncommon to find some disinterested about this practice, especially among BYU students who are placed in Family Home Evening “groups” – implemented by the Church since many students are in that in-between phase …

September, 29, 2010

Family Home Evening

Do you remember when you were in grade school, and the teachers announced an upcoming field trip? It didn’t matter if you were going to a giant office building, or a farm, it was just exciting to know that you were going to do something out of the ordinary. Family Home Evening (FHE) is our …