Tag: "Education"

October, 19, 2012

Inspiring Quotations

I have always been inspired by the amazing quotes sprinkled throughout the Education in Zion Gallery. The recent general conference reminded me again of the great words of our leaders that uplift us if we pay attention. Quotes from those who have gone before are moving reminders of the sacrifices they have made and what …

October, 4, 2012

The World is our Campus: Truth in Every Corner

I really enjoy the videos we have here in the gallery. I especially appreciate the inclusion of contemporary teachers from BYU in our last video “Gathering Strength”. In this video, teachers share meaningful lessons they’ve learned here at BYU or hope the students learn. Brian Lemon, a chemistry teacher from BYU Idaho, shared the story …

March, 14, 2012

Responsibility to Educate

Imagining the difficulties the pioneers faced in traveling west is almost incomprehensible to me in my own pleasant circumstances. Merely surviving the trip was a tremendous feat—not to mention the task of building and establishing a home and community! It’s amazing to me to see that despite these difficult circumstances, the Saints continued to establish …

October, 28, 2010

Trusting God in Education

There have been many times throughout my three years at BYU that I have felt discouraged about my major. It was during those times of not doing well on a test, not understanding the material, and never having enough time in the day to spend on my classes that always made me wonder:  Why am …

October, 20, 2010

Lucky to be a Provo-ite

“Häpnadsväckande!” exclaimed Natascha Von Benzon Hollesen, a former mission companion of mine from Sweden,  as she walked through Education in Zion with me and four other Swedish beauties.  For all five of them, a glimpse of the Brigham Young University campus they had only seen pictures of their whole lives took priority on their recent …

October, 5, 2010

Tax Your Talent

One day I was preparing to give a tour here at Education in Zion knowing that the visiting faculty group requested to remain in the north wing of the gallery for the tour, so I wandered around that specific wing hoping to refresh my memory.   As I searched for new educational treasures of truth to …