Tag: "Education"

September, 20, 2010

A Unique Education

At Education in Zion, part of my job as a gallery educator is to share with freshmen and other incoming students the unique education they are about to receive as they embark upon their studies at BYU.

September, 3, 2010

A Refuge

Bumping shoulders, pushing through crowds, swiping credit cards, and spending a fortune—that sums up my morning at the Bookstore. I’m sure you can imagine the horror on my face when my cheapest book, which I expected to be a three-dollar packet, was really a $30 packet.  Pocketing my credit card to protect it from further …

June, 11, 2010

Universal and Eternal Education

General Education classes can be very difficult to take, especially when it’s Bio 100 at 8am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m a Theater Major. I’m not good at biology. Not to say that all theater students suffer from a lack of scientific synapses, but my brain wasn’t wired to understand it. I only passed …