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September, 19, 2012

Women of Revelation: Lucy Part 1

This gallery illuminates several examples of people who exerted themselves in order to receive visionary revelation. Some examples include: Joseph Smith, Karl G. Maeser, George H. Brimhall, and John M. Whitaker. In writing up that list, I noticed I didn’t list any women. I regretfully also noted how difficult it was for me to name …

February, 25, 2011

Why is FHE a Big Deal?

Many LDS Church members have grown up participating in Family Home Evening (FHE).  Then again, many members have not.  It is not uncommon to find some disinterested about this practice, especially among BYU students who are placed in Family Home Evening “groups” – implemented by the Church since many students are in that in-between phase …

October, 13, 2010

What I Wish I Had Known as a Freshman

At the beginning of every Fall semester the Education In Zion staff participates in New Student Orientation, where we each dress up as men and women highlighted in the exhibition and tell their stories.  The rehearsals are long and many-and sometimes very early in the morning – but on performance days when we tell our …

June, 11, 2010

Universal and Eternal Education

General Education classes can be very difficult to take, especially when it’s Bio 100 at 8am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m a Theater Major. I’m not good at biology. Not to say that all theater students suffer from a lack of scientific synapses, but my brain wasn’t wired to understand it. I only passed …

June, 4, 2010

A Legacy of Educational Inheritance

I vividly remember sitting at my desk on the last day of AP Calculus in high school. I should have been euphoric, right? I should have been jumping for joy but I wasn’t.